Fresh. Never canned. The way marketing copy should be.

It’s not the easy way to write sales copy,
but the results are 100% delicious. Come get some!

Cage-free, organic marketing copy for people who aren’t afraid to stand out.

You know, it drives me bat-poop crazy when entrepreneurs pour their souls into creating truly excellent products and services…

…market their offerings using copy that’s about as exciting as a bowl of plain oatmeal….

…and then wonder why they’re getting flayed by their competition!

But then I have to remind myself that these business owners aren’t really the ones to blame.

That’s because they’ve hired a…


See, there are a handful of “experts” (okay, dangit, gurus) who make their cash “teaching” people how to write sales copy.

And since they promise 6-figure earnings and 30-minute work days, they don’t have too much trouble convincing prospects to sign up.

Only they’re not teaching the principles of writing copy that sizzles.

They’re just telling their “students” to use templates to speed up the copywriting process. Recipes, if you will.

In other words, they’re churning out McCopywriters whose marketing copy looks just like everyone else’s.

Same headlines.

Same promises.

Same “calls to action.”

Same, same, same. I’m bored as hell just thinking about it.

Recipe-based sales copy is the leading cause of deja moo.

You might have been told that “recipe copywriting” is a good thing. I mean, all the thinking has already been done, so your McCopywriter just fills in the blanks and you’re all set, right?

Gurus tell their students this so they don’t feel so bad about using templates.

But the problem is, you end up getting copy that’s about as appetizing as a cardboard sandwich.

That’s because everybody’s using the exact same recipe!

Let’s face it… “Recipe copy” gives your prospects a sense of “deja moo” (“I’ve seen this bull before”)!

And even worse, It makes your business look like “just another option” … instead of THE must-have choice.

When you hire a McCopywriter, you get McResults. There’s nothing to make you stand out, so you’re left to compete on luck and price (yuck!).

If you’re okay with that, I understand. In fact, you’ve probably already left this page and gone back to trying to figure out how to clone your competition.

But if you’re not willing to settle for canned, tasteless marketing copy that makes you look exactly the same as a blue million other businesses, I’ve got a treat for you:

I don’t do recipes.

I’m Lee Rowley. Part Copy Chef Extraordinaire*, part Really Odd Duck.

And if you want juicy, flavorful marketing copy that gives you more competitive power than a third Michelin star, I’m your new best friend.

Well, not really. In person, I’m kinda surly. And a bit awkward. I guess that’s because I spend my time writing instead of having a social life.

But I do whip up some damned fine sales copy.

And it’s all from scratch.

No templates.

No re-heated concepts.

No deja moo.

That’s why my clients get to enjoy the sales, revenue, and referrals they deserve… while their competitors are stuck elbowing each other for the leftovers!


*Not really a chef. My filet mignon is to die for, though.

 Discriminating business owners agree…

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Then grab a plate and let’s cook up something irresistible!

At this point, you’re thinking one of two things:

  • “This guy is a total weirdo, and I need to make sure I hide my kids from him! People who aren’t normal scare me.”
  • “This guy is a total weirdo, and I WANT HIM ON MY SIDE! I’d rather not have him working for my competition.”

If it’s the first one, do us both a favor and go away. You and I are not going to get along at all. Sorry to say that, but I’ve met enough normal people in my life to know it’s just not going to work out. It’s not me, it’s you.

If it’s the second, then we should talk… because you’re not interested in McResults. Instead, you’re ready to step out with bold, flavorful copy – the kind that gets you loyal, raving customers begging for a chance to buy from you. And that’s what you get when you work with me.

So let’s do this: Click the button below and schedule a time to chat with me. We’re talking 20-30 minutes here, so it’s not a huge time investment for you. But you might just find out something you didn’t know about your business: That with mouthwatering marketing copy, you can finally enjoy the success that your competitors only dream of!

 “I’m in, Lee. So what do I need to know before we chat?”

My marketing copy is full of surprises. But when it comes to strategy calls, I’d rather you know what you’re getting into. You probably would too. So here are just a few pointers to help you make our time as productive as we can:

More info = better results

When you book your strategy session, I’m going to ask you to fill out an initial questionnaire and provide some info about your project. That makes the difference between a productive call where we can discuss real ideas, and one where I’m just making stuff up because I don’t know anything about you.

Excellent copy is an investment (and a danged good one, too).

Because of the time, research, and expertise I put into every project, my minimum project fee is $5,000 US. Clients typically invest $5,000-$15,000 in each project with me because they know that investment is going to pay for itself over and over again.

If that’s not in your budget, I do offer Collaborative Copy Coaching, where I provide the insights, expertise, and guidance for you to write your own connection-forging copy (don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way). This is a fantastic option if you need authentic, persuasive copy without the investment of my done-for-you copy services.

I’m not your guy for “rush projects."

I typically turn projects around in 3-4 weeks. That’s for a couple of reasons: 1) My clients KNOW I serve up memorable, high-impact marketing copy… and so they pre-book slots every month so they won’t have to wait forever; and 2) I do marketing copy right. That means researching, testing, and a fair number of late-night Starbucks runs.

In other words… like grandma’s made-from-scratch apple pie, powerful copy takes time. But you’ll definitely taste the love.

No, I don’t magically become normal if you ask me to.

If you’re looking for a corporate tone, or you want me to write like your favorite guru/follow some BS template, I’m not your guy. So if you have any lingering hope that I can be boring upon request… let me put that hope to bed right now.

Make sense? Excellent! Now that we’re cooking in the same kitchen, do yourself a favor and book your call today: