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Copybranding is all about creating persuasive marketing that resonates and builds meaningful connections with your ideal buyers… strengthening your unique, powerful brand.

It’s a profound shift from the traditional “sales copy” approach that treats prospects like prey and sacrifices long-term trust for short-term gain.

It emphasizes your vision, your values, and your commitment to transforming lives… letting you truly shine in a sea of cut-and-paste competitors.

And it empowers you to not just make sales, but to grow a community of loyal clients who feel respected, valued, and appreciated – the exact ingredients for a sustainable, lucrative business you and your clients can feel good about!

how is copybranding

Standard marketing copy focuses on just getting the sale… but at the expense of buyers’ long-term loyalty.

Instilling gratuitous fear, making overblown promises, creating false scarcity… all of these tactics (and many more) can effectively convince people to part with their money. But they also erode trust and create “buyer’s remorse” the instant buyers realize they’ve been had.

Not a great way to keep clients coming back.

Copybranding creates genuine desire through ethical persuasion, trust, and a deep sense of connection.

We’ll uncover the most aligned, engaging approach to attracting your ideal buyers to your brand (and making your offers irresistible) with a three-step connection discovery process:

Get clear on your story

The Copybranding process begins with your core "why."

Within your unique story, we’ll uncover specific reasons you chose your particular business instead of thousands of other career choices.

Those reasons are both powerful and relevant to your audience… and communicating them effectively makes you much more than "just another option."

Get clear on your ideal client’s story

Most business owners do a lot of educated guesswork when it comes to knowing how their ideal buyers think and feel.

In this step of the Copybranding approach, we’ll dive into your ideal client’s world and discover what life without your solution is truly like… and communicate this genuine understanding through precise marketing copy.

Find the intersection of your story and your ideal client's story

Once we're clear on your story and your ideal buyer's story, it's time to find where those narratives intersect.

This intersection is the center of your copybrand messaging, and gives your copy the power to spark hope, belief, confidence... and most of all, action

All without a single cheesy countdown timer or pushy sales pitch!


After we complete the connection discovery process, I’ll get to work crafting brand-strengthening, artfully persuasive copy to attract fans and buyers for life.

From time to time, I’ll invite you to review the copy in progress to ensure that every word reflects your unique brand, vision, and values. I welcome your input!

After all, if your marketing messages aren’t 100% in alignment with who you are and what you stand for, I doubt you’re going to feel great putting it in front of your audience. And what’s the point of having copy that you don’t feel fantastic about using?

You deserve better.

Your prospective clients deserve better.

And if you’re ready to step up to Copybranding, then we should talk:

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