Not many days go by without at least one super-urgent reminder that, if I want my online business to thrive, I need to be an EXPERT! 

Yes! Yes! Yes! Be an expert and then everyone will be SO in awe of your knowledge and skills that they’ll throw money at you like a high roller at a Vegas strip club! 

Except… no. 

Not really. 

Here’s the thing… in case you haven’t noticed:


Every chucklehead on the Internet is an “expert.”

I know I’m not the first to grouse about the low barrier to entry of online business. But seriously… in the online coaching, freelancing, and service industries, the word “expert” gets thrown around a LOT. 

Spend a couple thousand on a “certification program” offered by another marketer, and suddenly you’ve got a few letters to stick behind your name. Surely anybody with letters after their name HAS to be an expert, right? 


Regurgitating untested ideas cobbled together by a “guru” doesn’t qualify anyone to be an “expert.” 

And because “experts” are plentiful as cockroaches in an inner city slum, buyers are starting to figure this out. 

They’re waking up en masse to the fact that most of these folks are blowing smoke. 

And they’re becoming so skeptical, even bona fine experts are struggling to win them over.

(I’d like to say I’m just being overdramatic here… but the fact that the Federal Trade Commission’s Restore Online Consumers Confidence Act even exists should tell you everything you need to know.)

So here’s the question: 


If everyone’s an expert and most of them are full of crap… how do buyers decide whom to trust? 

Now, here’s the part where the “experts” would tell me that I should convince you to go be an expert like everybody else… but to call it something different. 

A polished turd is still a turd. 

Instead, Iet’s look at what today’s consumers already intuitively know: 


Material Expertise + Expert Status = The Expert You’re Looking For

Material expertise:

It should be obvious that people should know the material they’re teaching (or using to provide a service), but a lot of “experts” consider this optional. 

That doesn’t mean you know everything. There’s always more to learn, and as you continue to expand your own knowledge, you can deepen your impact on your clients’ worlds, too. 

But you DO have to master something that gives value to the buyer by solving their problem or enabling them to reach a goal. 

That involves curiosity. Are you challenging what you “know” every day? Are you testing entrenched ideas to ensure that they’re still relevant and useful? 

Today’s buyers aren’t looking for dictators. They’re looking for guides. And as it turns out, guides make really good experts! 

Expert status:

Ahh, cue the McMansions, Lamborghinis, and “urgent announcements” filmed from a yacht off the coast of Bali. Gotta show off that bling so people will know you’re the real deal, right? 

Um, no. 

Consumers see experts as people who not only know the answers… they know the struggle

(In fact, knowing the struggle can be more important than the answers. That’s why the words, “I feel your pain” catapulted one unlikely candidate to the Presidency against the established incumber in 1992.)

So it’s critical to understand your buyer’s world (internal and external) better than any of your competitors. 

When you can communicate understanding of the fine details of what frustrates them – not just the big, obvious problems that every other “expert” shouts about – you win their loyalty in an instant. 

It doesn’t matter if your competitors have more letters after their names. 

It doesn’t matter if they have bigger marketing budgets.

It doesn’t even matter if they have huge lists to sell to.

Cutting through the hype and telling your prospective buyers what they need to hear… THAT’S what gets you expert status. 


I can’t help you with the first part, but…

So far, my powers haven’t included the ability to infuse expertise into your grey matter. 

But when it comes to developing an unbreakable connection by diving into your ideal buyer’s world… that’s my jam. 

A small group of entrepreneurs will be crafting messaging to create those unbreakable connections in the Loud and Clear Core Message Clarity Program. 

We’ll be uncovering each business owner’s marketing “sweet spot” where their story uniquely connects with their buyer’s story… establishing true expert status with every word!

How about you? If you’re tired of competing against an army of chuckleheads, and you want expert authority without ever CALLING yourself an expert, register for the next Loud and Clear Program today.