“I need to rebrand my business.”

I don’t know very many entrepreneurs who haven’t thought that at least once. And some of us (like me) have even spent years bouncing from brand identity to brand identity in an exhausting quest to “get it right.” 

But is it even time to rebrand… and is that what’s going to solve whatever is bothering you? 

Before you answer that question…

WHY are you thinking about re-branding your business?

I’m going to be totally transparent with you about rebranding: 

It’s a lot of work… especially if your current brand is already entrenched in your audience’s minds.

And it can be pretty freakin’ expensive, too. If you hire a top-notch brand development team to do it all for you (strategy, design, copy, the whole deal), you’re looking at $40K-$150K. I know because I spent about 6 years writing white-label copy for brand developers. 

Finally, it’s a HUGE distraction. You’re all excited about the “reveal” and not as focused on taking care of the day-to-day tasks in your current brand.

So it’s worth a few minutes of reflection to pinpoint your reasons for diving into a rebrand in the first place. 

  • Are sales sagging? Have you had a dramatic decrease in traffic? Are you attracting the wrong KINDS of clients?
  • Have you surveyed your current/recent clients to find out if they perceive a disconnect with your current brand? 
  • Does your current brand feel “off” – like you’ve outgrown it or it no longer reflects what you do?
  • Are there other reasons driving your desire to jump into a large, resource-consuming rebrand? 
  • And are there faster and less disruptive ways to create the change you want in your business?

None of these questions are meant to dissuade… just to give you the chance to weigh whether this is actually the best move for you and your business. 

If you’ve thought it through and you’re still digging the rebrand idea, great! Now you know you’re making a sound business decision instead of “chasing shiny objects” like I’ve done over the years. 

If you answered that last question “YES,” though… the perfect time to rebrand is probably not now.

HOW will rebranding help?

I know I’m asking you to do a lot of reflection here… but when you’re puzzling out when to rebrand, you have to get clear on: 

  1. How the rebrand will empower you to create the income, freedom, joy, fulfillment, purpose – whatever your current business iteration is missing – better than any other option? 
  2. How the rebrand will empower you to create better results for more people, so that they become loyal fans and referral partners.

If your answer to either one of these questions is “I don’t know,” then PLEASE don’t pull the trigger on your rebrand until you chat with a brand strategist. (I’m not one, but I know a few.)

Throughout my copywriting career, I’ve met countless people who seem to think the process is something like… 

Shiny Rebrand => Magic ⇒ Untold Riches

A solid brand strategist, though, can help you replace the “Magic” bit with actual action steps that bridge where you are now and where you want your business to be.

WHAT should you watch out for when it’s time to rebrand?

Coaches and service business owners who move forward with a re-brand put most of their energy and focus on the visual aspects of the rebrand – the logo, the colors, the page layout, etc. 

But the “loose end” that can ruin all of that? 

A misaligned core marketing message. 

All the expensive design in the world isn’t going to make a rebrand successful if your marketing message doesn’t land at the intersection of your story and your buyer’s story. 

Your ideal buyers need to feel like your message is “just for them.” 

And it needs to speak to their innermost thoughts, hopes, and nagging frustrations better than anyone else’s marketing. 

THAT’S what gives you the expert status you need to guide them to the checkout page. 

Think of it as the “secret ingredient” that makes your new brand truly irresistible.


Because your competitors can copy your logo. They can copy your design. They can even copy your offers. 

But they CANNOT copy a perfectly calibrated marketing message that connects through your unique story coupled with a deep understanding of your buyer’s world.

Let’s calibrate YOUR core marketing message!

Dialing in the exact marketing message that attracts and instantly connects with your perfect audience can be frustrating. 

That’s why I’d like to help. 

See, I’ve been doing this for business owners for over a decade. Along the way, I’ve had the fortune to help people like Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Kim Garst, and many others. 

So helping you hone a core marketing message that STICKS is kinda my thing. 

Whether you’re undecided on rebranding, you’re in the middle of it now and you’re stuck, or you’re gearing up to re-reveal your unique brilliance to the world, let’s dive into the ONE action that really matters to the future clients who are looking for you now.

The Loud and Clear Core Message Clarity Program is for entrepreneurs like you who are aching for more profits, meaning, and respect… but who are tired of wasting time, money, and effort on “shiny objects.”

We’ll spend 4 weeks (it only takes 1-2 hours a week, don’t worry) clarifying your message and making sure it resonates with the exact people you want to work with. 

And at the end, you’ll have an invisible and indestructible marketing foundation that makes your new fans say, “OMG… you GET me.” 

Reserve your spot in the next Loud and Clear Program today – this is a LIVE, interactive program, so each program is limited to 12 savvy entrepreneurs.