How can you attract
clients who get  you…
if you’re hiding your
unique brilliance?

Let’s craft marketing copy that illuminates your one-of-a-kind talent
and grows your audience, brand, and income…
All while letting you be YOU!

who am I?

If you asked any of my client friends to describe me, they’d probably say, “Well, he’s just… Lee.”

Odd. Messy. Eccentric. Hilarious (depending on your taste in humor, of course). And the finest copybrander this side of the Kuiper Belt.

But there’s something else you should probably know about me.

In January 2013, my wife and I held our 10-year-old daughter’s hand as she passed away.

That day, I discovered the darkest, most desperate depths the human experience could serve up. I spent six solid months trying to drink myself to death. I just flat gave up.

Yet something persisted.

An ember, a memory, a legacy to continue… Aria unfailingly brought out the light in everyone she met – she was a magnet for all things good in the human mind. It was practically impossible to be in a bad mood when she was around. And trust me, she made you believe you could do anything.

One morning that summer, through the sallowed haze of bottom-shelf whiskey and stale cigarette smoke, it all became clear. I finally realized it was my duty to carry on her legacy – to give others the power to shine.


You see, I’m not about copywriting.

Anybody with a $7 copy template can crank out a pushy sales letter or email.

Anybody can regurgitate tired old promises and tell lies like, “Only 12 copies of this ebook left!”

Anybody can write copy that buries you in the masses, making you look so vanilla that your ideal buyers barely notice you at all. I’m about Copybranding – persuasive marketing messages that build trust through authenticity, so that you don’t just make sales… you cultivate long-term relationships.

I create words that illuminate the intersection between your story and your ideal client’s story, so that you can create powerful connections that last.

And when that happens, you get to shine your very brightest!

my philosophy:

Work with what
you’ve got.
What you’ve got is uniquely brilliant.
Listen, we haven’t formally met yet, but there’s a good chance you felt a little uncomfortable reading those two points.


You might even feel like a bit of an imposter every time you start getting a little attention.

I know I sure didn’t feel all that brilliant for… well, a good chunk of my life. I kinda took my talent for granted until Aria passed, actually.

I just believed that what I did wasn’t all that special. (And my income and success reflected that belief).

Perhaps there’s a little of that going on inside you, too?

What if you could consistently and confidently communicate the “why” of what you do… and resonate with your perfect clients in a way that no one else on earth can?

What if your marketing messages built loyalty and trust so strong, your clients wouldn’t leave you even if your competitors worked for free?

And what if you could finally create not just a business… but a movement that reflects your unique vision and mission, and impacts more lives that you ever could have imagined?

It all starts with Copybranding.

Whether you choose my done-for-you Copybranding or we create your marketing messages together in Collaborative Copybrand Coaching, you’re getting powerful marketing copy to attract your best fans and turn them into enthusiastic, long-term clients.

If you’re not sure which one is best for you, I’ll be happy to help you weigh it out.

But since you haven’t clicked the “back” button yet, I think you dig what I’m into. And I think you’re really going to dig how easy it is to get stand-out marketing copy that makes unbreakable connections, grows your audience, and lets you create the value, impact, and income you’ve always wanted.

Now, I do want to let you know up front that excellent copy is an investment. I’m obsessed with getting your unique message perfect, so I put almost manic energy into making sure every word resonates perfectly. And that’s a lot different from yanking a template out of a “swipe file” and filling in the blanks.

Your perfect clients deserve more.

Your brand deserves more.

You deserve more.

So go ahead and book your call with me. I think we’re going to get along smashingly together.