Your clients tell you how amazing you are…

Now, let’s craft the exact message that’ll attract MORE of them! 

Loud and Clear

Uncover Your Marketing “Sweet Spot” to Cut Through the
Noise + Attract Your Perfect Clients

2-Day Core Message Clarity Program

Tuesday-Wednesday, December 3-4
$997 Investment – 8 Spots Available

Joe Gonzales of Mejor Strength in NYC struggled to communicate deep technical knowledge in a way that connected with the people who needed him the most. Check out what he has to say about how he transformed his message through in-depth coaching, and how that transformation gives him the confidence, clarity, and credibility to attract clients who are ready to invest in real, lasting results! 

Your marketing has felt
“off” for a while now,
hasn’t it?

Maybe it’s attracting the wrong kind of buyer – people who can’t pay, aren’t serious about results, or are just impossible to please.

Or maybe it’s just not “landing” with the people you want to work with.

Either way, you’re worried that it’s turning off prospective clients and customers.

Let’s fix that.

My Loud and Clear Clarity Program helps coaches and service providers fine-tune their core marketing message to speak directly to their ideal buyers.

It’s all about finding the “sweet spot” where your message connects with their deepest needs and wants…so you can easily turn them into buyers without all the typical sales rah-rah.

By weaving proven persuasion techniques naturally into your messaging, you can be seen as a collaborator and a problem solver… rather than as “just another option.”

And that means loyal clients who trust you to solve their problems… and will come back time and time again!

With Loud and Clear, you’re becoming
a beacon to attract high-quality

In this 4-week program, we’ll dig into what uniquely connects you to your perfect clients.

You’ll build the foundation for unique messaging that engages and wins over your best fans and buyers… while building the trust needed for repeat sales and referrals.

And you’ll join a growing community of thriving business owners who aren’t willing to settle for “average.”

I purposely designed Loud and Clear to be positively repulsive to selfish, cookie-cutter marketers… so the people you connect with here are fully invested in their success AND yours!

Here’s what you get for your investment:

4 Weekly 60-minute LIVE Clarity Sessions via Zoom

These sessions combine training, discussion, coaching, and feedback to help you develop your unique marketing message to attract your “exact match” clients.

Lifetime Access to the #StayLoud #Slack Channel

Communities you can trust are essential to your ongoing success… and you’ll have every Loud and Clear member (past and present) at your fingertips.

Your Private Program Slack Channel

ONLY you, your 7 fellow program members, and I will have access to this channel. Ask questions, get daily resources and tips, bounce ideas - we’re all here to support you and each other!

Weekly Office Hours

Jump on Zoom during Office Hours to get one-on-one help or clarification… or just to share your “a-ha” moments!

But is investing in Loud and Clear worth it?

Just ask these entrepreneurs:

Let’s uncover YOUR marketing
“sweet spot”!

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